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We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers and this can only be achieved by providing high quality products backed up by a high quality service.

Great example of developing  relationships with our customers is our cooperation with CLD Fencing to aid the development/design process of a fencing system  as part of our Custom Moulding projects. Details about the project can be viewed in the below article:

  • 13-Dec-2011Animal Revival Unit

    The first number of hours if a lamb is born in poor condition is crucial. The Sturdy Revival Unit allows for quick recuperation.


  • 12-Dec-2011Lamb Creep Feeder

    Sturdy Products are now marketing a robust, durable and convenient  lamb creep feeder. Now is an ideal time to obtain a Lamb Creep Feeder in time for the lambing season in the new year. Further details on this product are available on the a joining link.


    Creep Feeder

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